Learning To Listen To My Heart

I sit in stillness and listen to the yearnings of my heart. It speaks softly to me. I haven’t been listening to her lately. I may have been distracted by outside noises, other voices louder than hers.
But I say to her now, gently, “I am listening, dear one, you matter. Your needs and your desires matter to me. I am listening. Tell me what it is you need. ”
Quietly, so quietly, she begins to tell me all that she is longing for.
In a soft whisper she tells me of the fun, the joy, the playfulness that she has been missing.
I tell her, “it’s alright, dear one, you and I can play together again. We can be filled with the wonder of life again. We can let go of our baggage and be light, and joyful, and playful again.

Colors Of The Heart

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Shine Your Light

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Daily Affirmation August 09, 2018: Affirmation For Money

Affirmation For Money:

I am an irresistible magnet for money;

For everything that belongs to me by Divine right.

Daily Affirmation July 21, 2018: Affirmation For Forgiveness

Affirmation For Forgiveness:

I forgive everyone

and everyone forgives me.

The gates swing open for my good.

Daily Affirmation July 20, 2018: Affirmation For Divine Guidance

Affirmation For Divine Guidance:

I follow the magic path of intuition,

and find my right place,

under grace.

Daily Affirmation July 16, 2018: Affirmation For Health

Affirmation For Health:

The perfect health,

that is mine by Divine right,

is now revealed to me,

in miraculous ways.

Daily Affirmation July 15, 2018: Affirmation To Release Fear

Affirmation To Release Fear:

I am harmonious, happy and radiant,

detached from the tyranny of fear.

Daily Affirmation July 12, 2018: Affirmation For Self Love

Affirmation For Self Love:

I am a radiant being:

timeless, birthless, and deathless,

for I am a spark of Divine Consciousness.