Podcast, Self Love

Learning To Listen To My Heart

I sit in stillness and listen to the yearnings of my heart. It speaks softly to me. I haven’t been listening to her lately. I may have been distracted by outside noises, other voices louder than hers.
But I say to her now, gently, “I am listening, dear one, you matter. Your needs and your desires matter to me. I am listening. Tell me what it is you need. ”
Quietly, so quietly, she begins to tell me all that she is longing for.
In a soft whisper she tells me of the fun, the joy, the playfulness that she has been missing.
I tell her, “it’s alright, dear one, you and I can play together again. We can be filled with the wonder of life again. We can let go of our baggage and be light, and joyful, and playful again.


Daily Affirmation June 30, 2018: Meditation To Release Anger

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Meditation To Release Anger:

Give up to the Divine Spirit all that you want to let go of.

Give up anger and resentment.

Give up hurt.

Give up sadness.

Give up being justified in your hurt and your anger.

Give up the belief that you can’t let go or forgive.

Give up your fear of letting go.

Give it all up to the Divine Spirit.


“I release this burden to the Divine Source within me and my mind is free.

I release this burden to the Divine Source within me and my heart is free.

I release this burden to the Divine Source within me and I am free.”

Feel your heart getting lighter.

Feel your heart opening up to the flow of  Divine Love.

Feel Divine Love flowing in and washing away all burdens.

Feel your heart being filled up to overflowing with Love.

It is done. It is wiped clean.

Nothing is lost and everything is gained.

You are safe.

You are loved.

You are loving.

You are a channel for Divine Love in this world,

And you are free.