Daily Affirmation August 15, 2018: Affirmation For Abundance And Prosperity

Affirmation For Abundance And Prosperity:

I am now open to receive the glorious bounty

that is mine by Divine Right,

immediately and in a steady, unending, ever increasing stream of

money, prosperity, love and happiness,

perfectly, and with Divine grace.

Daily Affirmation August 14, 2018: Affirmation For Solutions To Every Problem

Affirmation For Solutions To Every Problem:

I am confident and serene in my faith.

I know Infinite Intelligence has the solutions to every problem,

and my answers will come to me in perfect timing,

with Divine grace.

Daily Affirmation August 13, 2018: Affirmation For Health And Beauty

Affirmation For Health And Beauty:

My body is a is a creation of Divine Mind,

and therefore,

perfect in every way.

Daily Affirmation August 11, 2018: Affirmation Of Gratitude

Affirmation Of Gratitude:

Thank you for Grace.

Thank you for Prosperity.

Thank you for Success.

Thank you for Wisdom.

Thank you for Peace.

Thank you for Love.

Thank you for Kindness.

Thank you for Understanding.

Thank you for Foregiveness.

*One of the surest ways to cultivate more good in your life is through gratitude. Feel gratitude for what you already have, and feel grateful in advance for the good that is on it’s way to you now.

Daily Affirmation August 10, 2018: Affirmation For Career

Affirmation For Career:

I am a perfect idea in Divine Mind,

and I am always in my right place,

doing my right work,

at the right time,

for the right pay.

Shine Your Light

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Daily Affirmation August 09, 2018: Affirmation For Money

Affirmation For Money:

I am an irresistible magnet for money;

For everything that belongs to me by Divine right.

Crown Chakra Opening Affirmations – Daily Affirmation August 08, 2018

Crown Chakra Opening Affirmations:

I now transcend all fears and limiting beliefs and recognize my own Divinity.

I am a spark of the Divine Source. Eternal. Radiant. Perfect.

Divine Love flows through me, and I give and receive love fearlessly.

Today is 08/08/18 and the energy of the number 8 is strong. Eight is about the balance between the material and the spiritual, and about connecting the two.

When we balance and heal the chakras from the root to the crown, we can achieve this balance. We can be a spiritual being completely accepting of our physical experiences, and able to bring Divine Love into the physical and manifest it in miraculous ways.

Third Eye Chakra Opening Affirmations – Daily Affirmation August 07, 2018

Third Eye Chakra Opening Affirmations:

All illusions, fantasies, and distractions are now cleared from my vision.

I am now open to receive the intuitive guidance of Divine Spirit.

I now have the clear sight to create a life more deeply aligned with my highest good and truest purpose.

Throat Chakra Healing Affirmations – Daily Affirmation August 06, 2018

Throat Chakra Healing Affirmations:

I now open the channel between my head and my heart and I am able to express myself fully, and in a loving way.

No one has to be wrong to make me right; I share my truth without judgement.

I now have the power to manifest my ideas into physical reality, and share my unique gifts with the world.