Third Eye Chakra Opening Affirmations – Daily Affirmation August 07, 2018

Third Eye Chakra Opening Affirmations:

All illusions, fantasies, and distractions are now cleared from my vision.

I am now open to receive the intuitive guidance of Divine Spirit.

I now have the clear sight to create a life more deeply aligned with my highest good and truest purpose.

Daily Affirmation July 20, 2018: Affirmation For Divine Guidance

Affirmation For Divine Guidance:

I follow the magic path of intuition,

and find my right place,

under grace.

Daily Affirmation July 08, 2018: Affirmation For Clarity

Affirmation For Clarity:

I have the crystal clear vision of the Spirit.

I see clearly the open road.

There are no obstacles on my pathway.

I now see miracles and wonders come to pass.


Daily Affirmation July 01, 2018: Affirmation To Release Worry

Affirmation To Release Worry:

Everything is working out for my good.

My worries disperse like wisps of fog

as the Light of Spirit shines upon them.

I see clearly now the Divine Design of my life.