Daily Affirmation August 15, 2018: Affirmation For Abundance And Prosperity

Affirmation For Abundance And Prosperity:

I am now open to receive the glorious bounty

that is mine by Divine Right,

immediately and in a steady, unending, ever increasing stream of

money, prosperity, love and happiness,

perfectly, and with Divine grace.

Daily Affirmation August 09, 2018: Affirmation For Money

Affirmation For Money:

I am an irresistible magnet for money;

For everything that belongs to me by Divine right.

Daily Affirmation July 31, 2018: Affirmation For Abundance

Affirmation For Abundance:

I now deny the illusion of lack,

and live in the TRUTH of abundance.


Daily Affirmation July 11, 2018: Affirmation For Money and Success

Affirmation For Money and Success:

I have the Power that creates worlds at my fingertips

and everything I touch turns to gold.

All I set out to do is accomplished with ease,

in magical ways.