Daily Affirmation July 05, 2018: Affirmation For Abundance

Affirmation For Abundance:

All that is mine by Divine Right is now released

and reaches me in great avalanches of abundance,

under grace,

in miraculous ways.

Daily Affirmation July 03, 2018: Affirmation For Removing Obstacles

Affirmation For Removing Obstacles:

Seeming impossible doors now open.

Seeming impossible channels are free.

There is no obstacle in Divine Mind,

therefore everything moves for me

Daily Affirmation July 01, 2018: Affirmation To Release Worry

Affirmation To Release Worry:

Everything is working out for my good.

My worries disperse like wisps of fog

as the Light of Spirit shines upon them.

I see clearly now the Divine Design of my life.

Daily Affirmation June 30, 2018: Meditation To Release Anger

Meditation To Release Anger:

Give up to the Divine Spirit all that you want to let go of.

Give up anger and resentment.

Give up hurt.

Give up sadness.

Give up being justified in your hurt and your anger.

Give up the belief that you can’t let go or forgive.

Give up your fear of letting go.

Give it all up to the Divine Spirit.


“I release this burden to the Divine Source within me and my mind is free.

I release this burden to the Divine Source within me and my heart is free.

I release this burden to the Divine Source within me and I am free.”

Feel your heart getting lighter.

Feel your heart opening up to the flow of  Divine Love.

Feel Divine Love flowing in and washing away all burdens.

Feel your heart being filled up to overflowing with Love.

It is done. It is wiped clean.

Nothing is lost and everything is gained.

You are safe.

You are loved.

You are loving.

You are a channel for Divine Love in this world,

And you are free.

Daily Affirmation June 29, 2018: Affirmation For Fearless Faith

Affirmation For Fearless Faith:

I now exercise my fearless faith in three ways:

by thinking, speaking, and acting.

I am unmoved by appearances,

therefore appearances move for me!

Daily Affirmation June 28, 2018: Affirmation For Well Being

Affirmation For Well Being:

I tap into the Universal stream of well being

and I am fulfilled in every way.

Daily Affirmation June 25, 2018: Affirmation for Prosperity

Affirmation For Prosperity:

The Divine design for my life

 is prosperity and good fortune.

 My good now flows to me

 in perfect ways,

under grace.