Blood Moon Eclipse Affirmation July 27, 2018: Affirmation To Find Your Purpose

I recorded this affirmation for myself a few days ago because I have been struggling with doubts about my purpose in this life, if I even have a purpose, and if there is even meaning to my life. I went to post it but it just didn’t feel like the right timing. Today, with this evening’s blood moon eclipse in Aquarius, it feels like exactly the right time.

This eclipse will be revealing our life purpose to us, but it will also be showing us everything we have going on in our subconscious mind that is stopping us from recognizing and realizing that purpose; everything that is keeping us stuck, all our doubts and hesitations and fears and feelings of not being enough.

Right now it is all coming out in our faces. This is a time to take a step back and analyze what is really going on under the surface if you find yourself reacting emotionally to people or situations. This is your shadow coming out to be cleared.

It is a powerful time of healing, and I hope you all make the most of it and use this eclipse as the catalyst to propel you forward into the life you are destined to live! 

You can find details about the eclipse and the exact time here:  https://numerologist.com/numerology/full-blood-moon-total-lunar-eclipse-in-aquarius/

Affirmation To Find Your Purpose:

There is a Divine purpose to my life.

A purpose I am meant to fulfill which no one else can fulfill.

A gift I am meant to give which no one else can give.

I now leave behind doubt and hesitation and follow the magic path of intuition.