Daily Affirmation June 23, 2018: Saturday Morning Blessings

Saturday Morning Blessings

The Saturday morning blessing is an improvised positive energy rant; channeled Divine inspiration.

Today is a good day. Today I enjoy the feeling of just being alive.

I enjoy each breath. The rhythm of in and out.

With each breath I connect deeply to an inner peace, an inner knowing.

Deeper and deeper, down into the core of my being.

I feel my connection to all life from the smallest lifeforms to the outer cosmos.

I breathe in stardust. I breathe out Love.

Today is a glorious day.

Today all good comes my way and all is harmonious in my mind, body and affairs.

I am at peace with all life, and all life is at peace with me.

I am one with Divine Mind.

The Divine plan now comes to pass, through me.